Kids Fashion Pop-Up Event 

WHEN:   27th April 2018
WHERE: The Bull Hotel, Fairford, GL7 4AA


KidsARCADE will launch its Spring Pop Up event on Friday 27th April 2018 at the Bull Hotel, Fairford. With its vaulted ceiling, rustic chic interior and cosy nooks in which to relax, the venue offers not only a modern country setting in which to shop, but a fantastic friendly place to eat and hang out.

In addition we've invited Crafty Wrens into the mix who sell educational and fun craft kits for creative kids aged 3-12 years old. For those of you who want to stock up on birthday presents and plan weekend or holiday activities! Last but not least the brilliant team at Kowalah will be with us providing information about their Childcare services and how their clever babysitting App works.

Too good to miss right? See you there!! - FREE ENTRY