About Us.

KidsARCADE brings the shopping experience to you – where and when you need it.

It is for parents who excitedly wander through market towns and side streets hoping to treat their babies, toddlers or older children to a pair of beautifully made shoes, a must-have coat, or even to discover a unique children’s boutique, only for their search to end in disappointment. It is for those who are disheartened with the endless surfing, searching and uncertainty of online shopping. Those who want the immediacy of touch, look and feel when buying something; For those who want to connect with the makers and experience something tangible again.

It’s for people who love spontaneity, just like our children do. KidsARCADE is for anyone determined to give their kids something different.

Appearing bi/tri-annually in towns and villages across the UK, KidsARCADE is for you.